Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have a job now, I'm using my GIS skills to make maps for an oil geologist. I'm already having a lot of success with finding and organizing heaps of data. I'm really proud of me. This is a great experience and I'm really getting a chance to flex my muscles in an area of my expertise.

Also, I'm now a very tiny part of something that people don't really like, the oil industry. But, oil is something we all use a lot of. It's in tons of the products we use every day, and gas is made from oil, so there is that. There is lots of oil in the ground still, and we need to find it, alternatives are years off and even with them we will still need oil for lots of things. Also, with the rising price of oil, it's more and more feasible to get at oil that is more costly to find and remove.

I'm also not really opposed to increased offshore drilling. I do like that my boss won't work in areas that he considers beautiful.

So that's that. I'm in geology now.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

because i can

Maybe if I had a bigger stick,
I could hit the moon into the sun
and end it all with fireworks.