Saturday, May 3, 2008

Idea Man

What if people were books. Better yet, what if your relationships with people were books. People you walk by on the street would be like "We saw eachother, he was wearing an orange shirt that said Lifeguard in faded letters, but I don't think he was a life guard. He had ugly shoes." Some books don't exist, because you don't know about the existence of every person. Some books would be like encyclopedias because so much had happened. Some of the stories would be tragedies. Can you imagine? What if everything that every happened was written down.

Pizza Hut has great pizza.

I wish I had gone to the apartment, then I could be playing MarioKart right now. I'm pretty sure that real-life should be more like mariokart. There should be red shells to take out the people you can't stand in front of you. Also, drifting should happen on normal roads with normal people, and doing it right should cause you to get a boost.

Conversely, Mariokart should be more like the real world, in that there should be a managerial mode where you have to account for the high price of petrol and pay for damage to your kart after races and such. I think that would be a great time.

Yeah, I should have gone to the apartment, so I could be watching Doctor Who right now.

I'm debating getting a new used laptop, probably an iBook G4 of some sort. I say this as my backlight is strobing at me. Poor lappy, I hope he isn't in any pain.

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bob said...

Hooray!!! I'm glad you posted. and I do believe that people should be like books... but would you be able to read them? That could cause problems. I say lots of things in my head that should never be read. Especially by customers.