Sunday, August 17, 2008


It is nothing short of awesome to be using knowledge I acquired in college classes in the work I'm doing. I honestly never expected to get the opportunity to interface with geology again, but now every day I'm looking at maps with my boss and pointing out anticlines, relating structural contours with isopachs (formation thickness maps), pouring over geologic maps, and checking out well logs.

This past week I made four or five maps, and this next week I hope to churn out a good 6 or 7. I've been trying to build up a repertoire of map layouts to go to when I'm under the gun and need to prepare a map in 15 minutes instead of the usual 4-8 hours.

The work situation is really great. My boss is a character and purposely brings up politics and actively seeks out my opinions on different events. After a few discussions we've reached the point where our differences can be summed up as relating to our age differences. He is a 56 year old man with a lot of money to protect and I am a 24 year old with lots of money to pay. Right from the beginning, though, it was clear that we would get along, he isn't a social conservative, doesn't thump the Bible at me or anything, and is really genuinely curious about the world.

I'm also going to become an official employee of Jayden Consulting starting next month, instead of a contractor, which is something I'm looking forwards to (among other things, non-work related).

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